Library – Mila Riggs

The Secret Academy

Nestled among the hills and forests of Winding Creek, Georgia, the Secret Academy lies hidden in plain sight. It’s an exclusive school for the world’s most powerful young magic users… and also Zoey Harper. Unfortunately, this strange new world Zoey finds herself in doesn’t come with a rulebook or a map, but it does come with a captive white tiger who’s decided to stick to her like glue. Meanwhile, nobody’s seen her particular magical gift for decades, which means they’re all watching and waiting to see whether she’ll use her abilities to better their world or to tear it apart from the inside. No pressure, right?

Curse of the White Tiger
Escape from the Lost Tower

Roots of Magic

There’s no place quite like Elyria, Georgia. This quiet farm town is hiding a dangerous secret. Magic is real and very much necessary to their quaint way of life. So what happens when a powerful being from a far-off land accidentally finds herself lost among them? Could it be the end of magic as they know it? And just what are they willing to sacrifice to avoid losing it forever?

Roots of Magic

Dark Gifts

The boring South Georgia town of Grandon Township is about to get a whole lot more interesting, thanks to a new psychic shop that’s just opened up down the road. Now local teens are finding themselves with extraordinary powers, and they’ll need help to control their newfound abilities. Among the first to present is Alex Kosmitoras, a blind sophomore who gains the ability to “see” the future. The fates sure were having fun when they came up with that one. But will he be able to use his other senses to interpret his haunting visions and save a close friend from dying what seems a certain death? That’s one answer he doesn’t have, and it may be the only one that matters.

The Oracle
The Influencer
The Agitator

Special Collection

When a sweet black cat crosses Delphina's path, she believes she’s finally been chosen by her very own familiar. Unfortunately, she wakes up the next morning to discover that her precious little kitty has transformed into a full-sized and full-fanged panther. Can she solve this magical Halloween mystery before a new semester at the Secret Academy begins? Or will she lose her new best friend just as quickly as she found him?

Black Cat Crossing
Magically Ever After