The Oracle – Mila Riggs

The Oracle

The Oracle
Series: Dark Gifts, Book 1
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I'll be the first to admit my life has never been easy. The only other person at school who will talk to me is the bully, my parents are dead broke, and the whole blind thing doesn't help, either.

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About the Book

Things start looking up, though, when Simmi arrives. She's smart, nice, and seems to actually enjoy the small Georgia town we're trapped in. Hmm. Maybe sophomore year won't suck so much after all.

My almost-okay life takes another wild swing when I start seeing things. Yep. Blind guy “seeing” here. Real funny, fate.

My visions of the future come to me the same way everything else does, through my four remaining senses. As much as I wish this embarrassing new ability would go away, I'm stuck with it–and a terrible prediction, that my sweet Simmi's life is in danger.

Now that I know the future, can I find a way to change it?

This book was originally published as FARSIGHTED by Emlyn Chand.

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