Mila Riggs – Author of the Secret Academy

My name’s Zoey Harper, and someone is definitely trying to kill me. 

College is hard enough without adding a secret nefarious stalker to the mix. Each time I escape one setup, the next comes about faster and far more dangerous. My white tiger familiar can only protect me from mortal threats, so how am I supposed to fight off a deranged magic user?

Funny. I came to the Secret Academy to learn how to control my newfound magical abilities, but now someone’s trying very hard to control me. And their intentions are definitely not good. Can I figure out who—and perhaps even more importantly, why—before they succeed in their deadly plan?  

When the sweet, silly, and secretly mischievous Melissa Storm met up with sultry mermaid goth, Mallory Crowe, magic just kind of happened. They decided to channel their powers for the good of readers everywhere, and thus Mila Riggs was born. One part lazy Chihuahua (Melissa’s dog Mila) and one part stage-five clinger pit bull (Mallory’s dog, Rigby Riggs), their joint adventures are always quirky, unpredictable, and a whole lot of fun.

Do you believe in magic? Because it’s about to happen right before your very eyes. Just turn that first page and… POOF!

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