Mila Riggs – Author of the Secret Academy

The world’s never seen magic like mine before, and everyone wants a piece of me.

The good guys want to use me as a weapon.
The bad guys want to use me as a key.

Either could mean my death. But if I refuse to play their game, the entire supernatural world could wither and die—and it would be all my fault.

You would think having a giant white tigress for a familiar would ensure my safety, but you would be wrong. 

Something is coming, something more dangerous than we’ve ever faced before, and it’s up to me to stop it… or die trying.

When the sweet, silly, and secretly mischievous Melissa Storm met up with sultry mermaid goth, Mallory Crowe, magic just kind of happened. They decided to channel their powers for the good of readers everywhere, and thus Mila Riggs was born. One part lazy Chihuahua (Melissa’s dog Mila) and one part stage-five clinger pit bull (Mallory’s dog, Rigby Riggs), their joint adventures are always quirky, unpredictable, and a whole lot of fun.

Do you believe in magic? Because it’s about to happen right before your very eyes. Just turn that first page and… POOF!